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Maple Ridge Sheep Farm
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rooed - During the late winter or early spring, Shetland sheep develop a weak spot or shedding break in their fleece. As the fleece continues to grow, the break grows out too. Later, during the spring, clumps of fleece fall off, usually after the Shetlands rub against a building or a tree. Before the invention of the mechanical shear, Shetland Islanders would pluck or "roo" the fleece off the sheep by hand and spin it into beautiful soft yarn.

Shetland Islands - An archipelago of northern Scotland in the Atlantic Ocean northeast of the Orkney Islands. The islands were occupied by Norse invaders and colonists after the late ninth century and were annexed by Scotland in 1472.


North American Shetland Sheep Breeders Association

Fair Isle - A small island between the Orkney Islands and the Shetland Islands of northern Scotland. Fair Isle is famous for its knitted woolen garments with distinctive colored patterns.