shearing a Moorit ewe
Maple Ridge Sheep Farm

2012 Shetland Fleece List

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We sheared 100 sheep this year. After being shorn, each fleece is carefully wrapped in burlap and stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated place. During the spring, each fleece is skirted and evaluated for color, crimp, evenness, luster, softness, britch, cleanliness, lanolin content, matting, staple length, weight, double coat and early shedding. This evaluation process is necessary for our breeding program; we do not want to perpetuate undesirable characteristics. Each fleece is evaluated for eight characteristics which impact the final fleece price. All of the fleeces have been skirted.

The list shown below describes the fleeces that are currently available, all from the 2012 clip. We update it very regularly so just about all of the fleeces listed can be bought by you right now. Sometimes we put several fleeces on "hold" while a customer decides which of them will be best for their special project. Some fleeces didn't seem clean enough they are processed into roving. Some fleeces weren't long enough to hand spin easily. Some were reserved ahead by customers who buy the same fleece each year or visit our farm and choose their fleece "on the hoof". Many have been sold. I'm a handspinner and I think you'll like these! I have skirted them quite heavily so I believe that you will be able to use ALL of every fleece. All of our fleeces are guaranteed. More information on fleece colors and description terms can be found on other pages of our website. Call and discuss your special needs for your next project with Linda (the best time to reach me is in the evening). If you can utilize any of our "not so clean" fleeces, please call to discuss the choices available.

All of the fleeces shown are currently available.

 Tag  Name     Color        Lnth  Lbs. Total  D S T Description              
Ella Gray
very downy - some chaff
Tanya Gray
lustrous & crimpy
Lena Gray
downy, crimpy
Elsa Gray
fine, crimpy
Cassie Dk Gray
fine, buttery
Sonia Gray
fine, crimpy

DST key: D=double coated, S=early shedding & T=dirty tips

When you have made your final selection, drop us a note, give us a call, send a fax or e-mail with your choices, confirming your mailing address and your UPS shipping address. A phone call works best because we can discuss alternatives if your choice is already spoken for by someone else. We will mail you two copies of an invoice. The invoice will show your billing and shipping address, as we interpreted it, along with the cost of what you ordered and the shipping cost. Please correct any mistakes on one copy of the invoice and send it back with your check. We usually prepackage everything in paper grain sacks just after we send the invoice. As soon as we receive your check, we will ship your order by UPS, unless you specify otherwise. You should have it within a few days of when we receive your check by snail mail. If you don’t, give us a call and we will trace it.

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