Maple Ridge Sheep Farm


coverlet display

The Maple Ridge Coverlet is made exclusively of Shetland wool grown on our farm. Our Shetland sheep are the first Shetland sheep to be imported into the United States. Our fleeces are carefully processed into yarn at the Green Mountain Spinnery in Putney, Vermont. The coverlet is hand crafted by a skilled artisan on an antique loom to reproduce vintage quality as closely as possible. Each coverlet is one of only thirty created. This blanket captures the rich texture of a traditional coverlet, provides loft without bulk, and enhances the creamy, natural beauty of the wool.

The Maple Ridge Coverlet is available in two variations of the same woven pattern in:

For $150, plus shipping, your coverlet is sure to become a cherished family heirloom. Measuring a versatile 60” by 80”, your coverlet can serve as either a blanket or a throw. It will complement both traditional and contemporary home. Sorry, but we are temporarily out of stock on these beautiful coverlets.

Hand washing your fine woolens is preferable to dry cleaning. Launder by soaking in warm water with a mild soap or detergent, in a tub or washing machine. DO NOT AGITATE! Agitation will “felt” and shrink your fine woolens. Rinse thoroughly. If available, the spin cycle of a washing machine will remove far more water than is possible manually. Alternately, squeeze carefully by hand to remove as much water as possible, and roll in bath towels to absorb remaining excess moisture. Drape over a well supported clothesline to air dry. If possible, distribute the weight of the coverlet over two or more lines.

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