Maple Ridge Sheep Farm

Roving Choices

Balls of roving in a line

Shetlands are rascals! Some of them seem to get dirt and chaff into their fleeces no matter what we do to prevent it. We send these otherwise gorgeous fleeces to be washed and carded for sale as roving to those folks who can't or don't want to wash the fleeces themselves.

The wool has been combed and carded minimally in order to preserve the heathery, tweedy tones that bring such depth to hand spun yarn.

Natural Colors - - - $1.25/oz. plus shipping

Ball of Roving in a Pile

Dark Brown, Moorit, Fawn & Gray


TWEEDY sock roving - gray - made from Shetland skirtings - soft & downy but more rugged than regular Shetland wool, also wonderful for felting

Blends - - - $2.50/oz. plus shipping

Off White Blends

50% Shetland lambs wool and 50% silk noil

75% Shetland lambs wool and 25% llama wool

Dyed Blends

50% Shetland lambs wool and 50% kid mohair in either a medium green or a blended tangarine and wine color combination

Seasonal Blends

Autumn in Vermont - dyed orange Shetland wool with some dyed red mohair and red & yellow silk noil

We have several small lots of other usual and unusual colors and blends. Give us a call and we can discuss them. Samples of all the above are available; just let us know which ones you would like and where to send them!

There are several great companies around the country that process fiber. To process our wool, we have chosen:

  • Kent & Ginny Ferguson
  • Ohio Valley Natural Fibers
  • 8541 Louderback
  • Sardinia, OH 45171

  • (937) 446-3045


  • Hints

    Try plying different colors and textures together. 1 ply of Autumn in Vermont with either 2 plys of Dark Moorit or 2 plys of Black Lambs wool or even 2 plys dyed a raspberry color.

    Try over-dying some of the light gray, fawn or Musket wool with brilliant colors like fuchsia or orange or bright blue or green. The results are a wonderful rich color; not as bright as on white wool, far more colorful than you would expect, and slightly different with every fleece.

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