Maple Ridge Sheep Farm

Yarn Selection

Skeins of Yarn

This picture does not due justice to the warm, rich colors of our two-ply sport weight yarn. It is all 100% Shetland wool grown on our farm here in the Heart of the Green Mountains of Vermont. The wool was washed in a mild detergent to retain some of its natural lanolin. Our yarn is packaged in 4 ounce (approximately 350 yard) skeins selling for $11.00 per skein. This price does not include shipping; we usually ship by UPS.

From left to right, there are seven natural colors:

White, Black, Sholmit, Light Gray, Dark Moorit, Mioget and Eesit

followed by five traditional heathery dyed hues:

Skye, Bracken, Thistle, Erica and Teal

We also have smaller amounts of worsted weight, singles and hand spun yarn. We sell raw wool to many production hand spinners so custom yarn is available. Give us a call and maybe we can help you with your special requirements!

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